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Main Products
  • Wood Aluminum Composite Windows and DoorsUsing perfusion-in-one insulating aluminum profile as the main part, the wood aluminum composite windows and doors decorate the indoor side with solid wood, yielding similar indoor effects with wood windows and doors. With good visual effect, pure wood windows are elegant, energy-saving and environment-friendly. The window surface is coated with imported wood window paint, which is damp-proof and beautiful. Our company adopts plug-in aluminum alloy on the basis of wood window using German technology, further enhancing the anti-aging ability of the product ...
  • Magnetic Particles/Magnetic Strip The magnetic ferrite powder is available for both coarse and fine granulation. It contains 90% the barium and strontium ferrite magnetic compounds and 10% CPE. It contains all the additives needed for extrusion, and can be fed into the extruder directly to make the magnetic strip. The magnetic compound can be directly made into the flexible magnetic sheets by calendaring. In addition we also supply the barium ferrite magnetic compound and strontium ferrite magnetic compound.