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Our magnetic particle can be made into various flexible magnetic strip and sheets by extrusion or calendaring, like fly screen, icebox sealant, cabinet water dispenser, file box and so on. It has been tested by SGS.

1. Material: Strontium or Barium
2. Size: 2~6mm
3. Hardness: to be made as requested

Technical Parameters

TypeBr(T)bHc (kA/m)iHc(kA/m)(BH)max(kJ/m3)

1.In general, long time storage in a humid and hot environment may results in brittleness of the product.
2. The storage time reference:
No more than 12 months, within the storage temperature up to 25 and relative humidity up to 50%.
No more than 6 months, within the storage temperature\ up to 40 and relative humidity up to 50%.

Magnetic property
The magnetic ferrite powder is available for both coarse and fine granulation. It contains 90% the barium and strontium ferrite magnetic compounds and 10% CPE. It contains all the additives needed for extrusion, and can be fed into the extruder directly to make the magnetic strip. The magnetic compound can be directly made into the flexible magnetic sheets by calendaring. In addition we also supply the barium ferrite magnetic compound and strontium ferrite magnetic compound.

Color of magnetic compound: White, black, gray, light yellow, light black, porcelain white, etc. The hardness, color of PVC compound can be customized.

Paking Information
2 tons/pallet
80 packages/pallet
Lead time: 3 days for a 20 foot container
Delivery capacity: 20000 tons per year

We will produce in strict accordance to the requests of customer. It is the customer that determines the suitability, functional tests for specific application and the details about delivery.

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