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Popular UPVC Windows and Doors

According to the startup mode, popular UPVC windows and doors can be divided into casement windows, swing doors, sliding windows, sliding doors, fixed windows, spin windows and folding windows and doors. According to the construction, there are single glass and double glass windows and doors. In addition, UPVC windows and doors can also be divided into single color and double color ones. With excellent physical and chemical properties, UPVC windows and doors are widely used in many harsh environment locations.

The UPVC windows and doors have excellent thermal insulation, which can reduce power consumption. Rubber seals and tops are adopted when installing the UPVC windows and doors, so the air tightness is very good. With a special multi-cavity structure and independent drainage cavity, stagnant water can be effectively discharged from the frame and fan.

Steel lining of 1.2 to 3 mm thickness can be added into the cavity of the UPVC profile. Thickness of the reinforcing rib and types of the profile can be selected according to local wind pressure value, building height, hole size and window design. General high-rise buildings can choose large cross-section sliding sash or inswinging casement window, while low-rise buildings can use small cross-section sliding sash or outswinging casement window.

With good corrosion resistance, the UPVC windows and doors have excellent sound insulation, which are particularly suitable for downtown places of serious noise interference, such as hospital, school, hotel, office building, etc. They can also be used in environment of large temperature difference (-50℃~70℃). Sun exposure and moisture will not make them deteriorate, age or embrittle. Under normal conditions, the life span of UPVC windows and doors is up to 50 years.

UPVC profile used to make windows and doors has high strength and large toughness, which is difficult to break. It is also electrically insulated and has high safety factor. The UPVC windows and doors are not flammable or combustion-supporting. They have self-extinguish ability, which are safe and reliable. Oxygen index is detected to be 42.3 by Fire Fighting Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Offices of Liaoning Province, which meets the requirement that oxygen index should not less than 38 specified in GB8814-1988 "UPVC profile used for window and door frame".

UPVC windows and doors have high-precision size and no deformation. Free from the impact of ash, cement and adhesive, they can resist corrosion and do not turn yellow or fade, thus needing almost no maintenance. In addition, compared with aluminum, wood and steel windows and doors of same performance, UPVC windows and doors have more affordable price.

As a specialized popular UPVC windows and doors manufacturer in China, we offer a wide range of products that includes American style window, aluminum retractable fly screen, 90 degree suspended platform and more.

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